Orion, the Great hunter of the skies, the infamous strider of the stars.

Ancient Greek mythology contains numerous stories on Orion: son to Earth or Yrias, companion or protégé of Artemis, madly in love with the Pleiades or Io and many many more. Yet all the legends finally get down to him being placed among the stars by Zeus, the patriarch of the Greek Gods.
But as a constellation too, Orion has over the course of time been part and parcel of many cultures. Ancient Egyptians saw Osiris himself in it; in ancient Hungarian mythology the constellation appears under the name of Nimrod and was the mythological ancestor of the Hungarians; while in Scandinavia its appearance in early autumn coincides with the crop harvest.

Nowadays, being located south of Taurus and Gemini constellations, it is regarded as one of the most impressive and easily recognisable constellations in the celestial dome.

In Greece, Orion rises in the sky in late autumn (November), at approximately the time when olives are harvested.

And it is just like the constellation which it is named after, that our extra virgin olive oil will “shine” in the table of all those who know how to recognise elegancy when they see it.


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