The beginning (Start of 20th century)

In the early 1900s at a village called Perivolakia near Pylos, the Mpakou family starts engaging in agriculture; particularly in vine and olive trees cultivation.



During the 1950s, our grandfather, Vasilis, recognised the potential of olives and started planting olive trees belonging to the Koroneiki, an olive cultivar of extremely high quality. Yet the means available at the time were not sufficient to meet the then needs. Regardless, his passion and vision for the production of olive oil of exquisite taste and quality showed him the way forward. The result was brilliantly rewarding, to say the least.



2015 was our new starting point: creating a vision of our own, while always cherishing the legacy of our grandfather, as well as of all hard-working people who preceded us, the family carries on and produces a magnificent extra virgin olive oil, proving that legacy and tradition do have a place of their own in the modern world: a world overwhelmed with numbers, and dominated by technology and precision.

Orion 1966 was the name we chose because, no matter how far technology is going to get us, a farmer must and will always look up to the sky before every new day starts, just when Orion shines the most.

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